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Frequently Asked Questions - Visually explained 

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1. Platform Introduction

All inclusive video on how to use Nyxion, from -

1) Signing up 

2) Choosing a plan

3) Verifying a sending address,

4) Adding contacts,

5) Creating lists,

6) Creating and editing email campaigns,

 7) Sending email campaigns

 9) Interpreting results,

10) API's

and 11) Forms.

2. Choosing a Sending Plan

Learn how to view, edit, and see the remaining limits on your email plans 

3. Verifying your Email Sending Addresses

Learn how to view, edit, and see the remainign limits on your email plans 

4. Uploading and Creating Contacts

Learn how to upload, create and manage your contacts in the system. Plus, learn how to use our API's and Custom forms to load these in automatically.

5. Creating Custom lists

Learn how to use the powerful Lists feature to segment customers to send them campaigns - and create new lists with hot and cold lists after these have been completed

6. Creating, Editing and Sending Marketing, Blank Text and transactional Campaigns

Learn how to use Nyxion's Powerful Campaigns feature to create, edit, schedule, and interpret the results of your email campaigns

7. Nyxion Contact Forms

Learn how to use Nyxion's forms feature to automatically add contacts to your system via a form - displayed either with a custom link, or embeded directluy into your website.

8. Reports Dashboard

Learn how to use Nyxion's reports dashboard to visually interpret statistics about your email campaigns.

9. Logs Dashboard

Learn how to use Nyxion's logs dashboard to se where each email landed in the recipients inboxes, including opened, clicked, delivered, bounced and blacklisted - and how to create sub lists for follow on campaigns with hot and cold leads. 

10. Interpreting the Dashboard

Learn how to use our central dashboard providing unique visual insights on the outcome of your campaigns, and you tier limits.

11. Connecting to our API's

Learn how to connect to our powerful apis to automatically add and source contacts from the system, Program transactional emails, and much more. 

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