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Send Emails 100x Cheaper

NyxionAI makes sending emails simple and cheap using Amazon SES

Save money and time with faster deliverability.

One-click Integration with Amazon SES

Not a technical personal?
Not a problem! We've got everything set-up for you in just a single click.


Free 500 emails


Cancel at anytime




Incomparable pricing

even when you ain't making bulk purchase

100,000 emails


500,000 emails


1,000,000 emails




A convenient editor

Our rich text campaign editor allows you to quickly and easily create professional looking emails.


Ready made templates

Use ready-made  responsive layout templates, and designs to make emails fast and simple.


Responsive emails

Any email that you create in the editor will look good at any screen resolution, and any device


Email Profiling

Send personalised content to target profiles created by our AI engines. Know more about your audience' interests and their activities.


before you send.

Get rid of bad emails before they get into your list!

Validate emails in real time to avoid fake, bad and misspelled email addresses.


Add Forms to grow organic audience

Create forms according to your use-case and publish them on your landing pages to capture/retain/update your audience.


Choose and integrate apps to enhance your emailing experience. Reduce bounce rates to 0%

10,000+ people love us

We're constantly building features from customer feedback and want the

customer experience to be second to none. But enough from us.

Learn what customer think about NyxionAI.

Siddhant Malik

CEO at Schoolbook

NyxionAI has probably one of the highest deliverability rates on the market.

Ishansh Singh

Product at Ola

Pricing is very affordable and scalable, the API is documented and easy to use.

Vishwas Garg

Engineering at OpenTable

NyxionAI has helped us improve our customer engagement with their AI tools.

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